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Enjoy the world of artist, religionist, scientist, chef, and “Japanese Cuisine MIZAI” Hitoshi Ishihara!

Japanese Cuisine Mizai” is located in Maruyama Park, Kyoto, surrounded by nature.

A typhoon has hit the Kansai region, but once you step inside the restaurant, you will find yourself in a “world of tranquility”…

It is a very difficult restaurant to get a reservation unless you wait for more than a year to get one, and it continues to receive three Michelin stars.

The owner, Hitoshi Ishihara, was the head chef of Kitcho Arashiyama at a young age, and trained under Teiichi Yuki, who was recognized as a great chef and became the head chef in 1992.

We enjoyed that dish tonight.

First, when you enter the restaurant, you will have a smoke in the waiting area.

And inside, soft lights light up the restaurant. A space where you can truly calm down…

I looked at the floor where a scroll was hanging… Zen words and lotus leaves were arranged as if it was the Buddhist month of August.

The course meal of un-presented chakaiseki has 16 to 17 items, and your stomach will always be full even if you have not eaten anything since the morning…

With so many ingredients, dozens of different vegetables alone are served.

Each person is served with a different bowl of lacquer, a plate of pottery, and a glass of sake.

It is as if you were in a museum, facing the dishes served one by one in treasured vessels, and appreciating them…such is the view of the culinary world.

In the latter half of the meal, the owner will face each person and make tea with all his heart.

It’s like being at a tea ceremony…

Finally, there will be a variety of desserts including water sweets…

Tonight, eminent gourmets from Taiwan made the effort to join us. They really know a lot about Japanese food and sake.

Tomorrow, I will be attending a Japanese VIP for a private party.

I would be more than happy if you could feel the essence of Japanese culture through our food…

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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