2. Introduction


As experiencing the real thing, your outlook on life will be changed.

YAMAZEN Corporation

Representative Director: Yasuyoshi Yamamoto

Consultant specializing in attracting customers from affluent areas, planning and operation of food and event management for affluent people

Representative Message

In order to “succeed in business”, we work backwards from our ideal goals and think about what we need to do now. In the same way, when we think about “success in life” and backwards from our ideal goals, we realize that what we can bring to the afterlife is intangible experiences such as “truth, goodness, and beauty, not tangible things such as status, honor, land or property. Knowing the real thing, communicating with people, stimulating each other, and accumulating these experiences will refine your own sensibility. Why don’t you join us in this exciting experience to refine your sensitivity and pursue your sense of beauty?


After graduating from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, he joined a major travel agency as a new graduate and traveled around the world with clients as a corporate sales representative. After working in management and as an executive, he was begged to join the travel department of a long-established department store, where he developed the industry’s first ultra-luxurious buses and high-quality, relaxing bus tours. Also he has a proven track record in numerous private events. He has also been involved in numerous private events and has a proven track record of success. He teaches courses related to tourism practice and tourism theory at universities such as Tsukuba University, Tokai University, and Tamagawa University. In 2019, he established YAMAZEN Co.

April 1980Joined Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.
April 2002Manager of Tokyo Planning Travel Branch, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.
January 2003Manager of Theme Travel Branch, Club Tourism Company
January 2004General Manager of Sales Promotion Department, Headquarters, Club Tourism Co.
March 2004Concurrently Managing Director of Community Research & Marketing, Inc.
January 2008General Manager of Event Planning Department, Headquarters, Club Tourism Co.
September 2008General Manager of Sales Division, Travel Department, Mitsukoshi, Ltd.
May 2017Transferred to Isetan Mitsukoshi Travel Ltd.
April 2018Transferred to Isetan Mitsukoshi Nikko Travel Ltd.
October 2019Established YAMAZEN Corporation Appointed as Representative Director

Past projects and operations results

  • Dinner hosted by Michelin chef in non public area of shrines and temples
  • Assistance with booking exclusive reservations for popular restaurants and dining establishments which are difficult to book
  • Super luxury gourmet tours with legendary chefs using regional ingredients
  • Lunch at the Embassy residence, cultural exchange and meeting with the Ambassador’s wife
  • Traditional performing arts performances and cultural performance events at World Heritage sites
  • A formal pilgrimage tour for visiting auspicious shrines and praying for business prosperity and success
  • Fan meetings (including domestic and international performances) tours and events for celebrities
  • Accompanying to certain famous cultural people’s trips and having local exchange meetings
  • A tour of attracting participants for seminars held in local areas for a famous writer
  • Private concerts of a famous artist
  • Tours to attend politicals and business patronage associations and overseas political commemorative events