2. Company


Corporate identity

Creating happiness and joy for people


Continue to contribute to the spiritual and material well-being of people around the world

Management Policy

We are pleased to connect the wonderful and fascinating traditional culture, food culture, natural beauty, performing arts, and customs and manners that remain in each region of Japan, not only to the Japanese people, but also to people around the world. So that they can experience them through travel and various events in Japan and make people happy, and make society better.

Heart of Gratitude

We value our suppliers, customers, employees, and related parties, respect the providence of nature, and aim for harmony with society.


Fulfill our corporate responsibility and mission by playing a role that benefits society and people

The five virtues

Good for you, good for partner, good for the world, good for the connector, good for the future.


  1. Providing valuable information and content on Japanese culture, arts, music, sports, etc. for people to gather, enjoy, and interact with each other
  2. Detailed planning and management of travel and events
  3. Creation and operation management of event programs such as food culture and music culture
  4. Promotion business related to tourism to Japan
  5. Consulting and coaching business to attract affluent customers using the Internet
  6. Planning, holding, operation and management of various seminars and courses
  7. Marriage and relationship counseling business, marriage activity consulting, remarriage, high-spec marriage coaching business

Company Overview

Trade nameYAMAZEN Corporation (Kabushiki Kaisha Yamazen)
Head office address7-24-21-106 3F Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone number+81 03-6411-6247
Date of establishmentOctober 1st, 2019
Capital1,000,000 yen
Main ClientsJTB Group (JTB Corporation) KNT-CT Holdings (Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd., Club Tourism Co.,Ltd.) Hankyu Express Corporation, HIS Group, companies dealing with products for the wealthy (luxury jewelry, luxury foreign cars, private jet/helicopter companies, luxury houses, luxury real estate, top class credit card companies, PB banks, and many others) Inheritance consulting for high-net-worth individuals, corporate brand consulting, and other private businesses
Main BanksMitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank
RepresentativeYasuyoshi Yamamoto, President