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I wonder if this is the last of the “Shirouo Tempura” that I eagerly await in the spring.

We visited the god of tempura, Tetsuya Saotome’s “Mikawa Koreyama-i” in Monnaka Fukuzumi.

I was lucky enough to get a taste of shirauo, a rare and precious type of tempura that I won’t be able to find in my mouth for a while if I miss this season.

When fried by Mr. Saotome, it was more flavorful than I had expected and very tasty.

Shirauo” is used for soup and sushi, but no one would have thought that it has such a deep flavor.

And “kiss” tempura…

To deep-fry, dip the bare side of the fish in the batter before dipping it in.

The other side with the skin is left untouched and deep-fried.

The balance of the water loss is almost the same when deep frying… Wow, it’s very well calculated.

So this “kiss”, which I thought was a tasteless, featureless, watery fish, turned out to be a very tasty fish as soon as I put it in my mouth. Surprise…

Mr. Saotome, who has released many wise words…

Today, too…

A chef must have knowledge, skill, and sensitivity, otherwise he cannot be an artist, even if only the ingredients are good!

Only when knowledge and skill are combined can a culinary culture flourish.

To stand in front of customers, you must be a mathematician, a scientist, and have sensitivity.

These are just a few of the famous quotes that line up…

There are many chefs who have relied on their experience and intuition to do what they do, but I think Tetsuya Saotome is the only one in Japan who can explain his work in clear and precise words.

Thank you again tonight for the wonderful tempura!

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