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Ginza L’Ouzier, a world-class grand maison celebrating its 50th anniversary

Ginza L’Ouzier” is one of the hard-to-reserve restaurants that I have had reservations for since last year…

My wife, who had been working as an executive secretary for a major telecommunications company for many years, resigned in order to work from home and concentrate on her own business… and today happened to be her last day working there…

And the store, coincidentally, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The restaurant is owned by Shiseido, and in keeping with its image of “purity,” “simplicity,” and “sophistication,” the restaurant is a luxurious space concentrating on the keywords of “white,” “gold,” “transparency,” “glass,” and “light.

The restaurant is modern yet somehow classic, pure and simple yet dignified and dignified.

The executive chef, Mr. Olivier Chénion, is a wonderful chef with experience at the famous Taillevent restaurant in Paris and Pierre Gagnaire’s main restaurant in Paris, among others.

And Yasuhiko Uchibori, the always smiling general manager… Perhaps because of his judo background, he has a gentle smile on his face, but his rugged body is often mistaken for that of an SP police officer at first glance.

The restaurant is frequented by VIPs from all walks of life, so SPs (Security Police) from the Imperial Police and the Metropolitan Police frequently hang around the restaurant.

However, Mr. Uchibori says…

But Mr. Uchibori says, “L’Ouzier does not do anything special for VIPs, no matter who they are or what kind of political or business tycoons they may be. L’Ouzier will provide the usual service, because that is the best service. Because that is the best service.

Words that evoke a great sense of pride…

And then there is Taku Iguro, a former chef-sommelier who has now left the field, and who became chef-sommelier in April 2022 under the tutelage of Satofumi Nakamoto, a modern master craftsman.

He won the “9th All Japan Best Sommelier Competition” sponsored by the Japan Sommelier Association in 2020.

In 2021, he will represent Japan in the Asia Oceania Best Sommelier Competition sponsored by A.S.I. (Association Internationale des Sommeliers).

He is the youngest and the best sommelier in Japan.

Mr. Iguro became the best sommelier in Japan at a young age.

Then there was Chef Patissier Richard Takeda and Confectionery Manager Shigeru Yatsuda…

By the time dessert is served, I am almost full, but when their wagon of friandise (small pastries) arrives, I am really full.

The variety of colors is truly impressive, from oranges created from meticulous drawings and seemingly real sugar oranges to desserts with jewel-like matière.

I heard that L’Aussière has a sufficient number of employees in the hall, kitchen, etc., but I was told that there are nearly 40 staff members…

It’s like a big hotel.

Now I think I will rent this place out to plan and manage food events.

The cold wave hit the area yesterday and tonight.

It was so cold that even Ginza was tearing my ears off when I walked around!

But we had a great time…

Thank you! Thank you!

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