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Sukiyabashi Jiro, the home of Edomae Sushi

Yesterday, I met a very energetic Jiro Ono before work at the Sukiyabashi Jiro main branch.

Jiro Ono.
Sukiyabashi Jiro Main Store front entrance curtain (white curtain for summer)
Jiro after cheerfully finishing a handful of work.

He is 96 years old. He is still making sushi.

He is going to work for an important VIP customer of mine, so I went there early to greet him in advance…

He has a straight back and is willing to stand for long hours.
His hale and hearty demeanor exudes sex appeal and divine dignity.

Whenever I see him, I am filled with his energetic energy,
I feel like joining hands with him every time I see him….

He is a living national treasure himself.

Left side: Jiro before work, right side upper row: Jiro concentrating on his work, right side interrupted: typical Edo-style sushi counter, right side lower row: noren, a remnant of a yatai (all photos on the right are taken from the website)

Jiro’s sushi sinks a millimeter or two the moment it is placed on the black board of the tsukeban.

He says this is because the sushi is lightly made with vinegared rice at the temperature of human skin, and the rice contains a lot of air.

Just before shaking the sushi, he cuts the sushi pieces and then shakes the sushi. They do not lay the slices out on the table to dry out, as is often the case at restaurants that display the sliced sushi pieces in a glass case.

Sukiyabashi Jiro’s Edomae-style sushi is a combination of sushi and vinegared rice.
Sukiyabashi Jiro is one of the few sushi restaurants that compete solely on nigiri.

Most sushi restaurants nowadays serve snacks at the beginning.

In addition to sashimi, nigirizushi is served after simmered, grilled, and deep-fried dishes.

It is like a sushi kaiseki restaurant, a small restaurant that also serves sushi.

And nowadays, it seems that sushi restaurants that are Instagram-worthy are gaining popularity.
I believe that the real “Edomae Sushi” can only be found here.

Everyone who eats at this sushi restaurant will say, “Woooo!
We hope you will try it.

The restaurant is quiet, with no music or anything.

The only sound you can hear is the sound of water coming out of the fountain at the entrance…

I want you to throw the sushi into your mouth within 2 to 3 seconds, and concentrate all your attention to taste it.

I am sure you will wonder what the sushi you have ever had before was like. I am sure you will wonder what you have had in the past.

Today, I received a word from an important VIP: “oh~amazing!

I’m so glad you are pleased.

I would like to thank the owner Teiichi, Jiro and his apprentices for their hospitality today as well.

Thank you!


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