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Summer is beer! That’s right! How do you make beer taste good?

Summer is the season of beer. It’s great to drink beer with a refreshing taste.

I used to hate beer. When I was younger, my face would get red and I would get eczema-like rashes on my neck and throat as soon as I drank it. After the second drink, I was just coasting on bitter drinks.

From one person.

‘There are lots of good beers out there, but it’s not about drinking good beer,
but to drink good beer, not just good beer.

I used to think that beer was bitter and spicy.

Until then, I had an image of beer as bitter and spicy, but this person taught me how to drink good beer and how to pour it,
But after that person taught me how to drink good beer and how to pour it, I realized that beer is “sweet”.
I realized that beer is “sweet”.

In the old days, when pouring or receiving a glass of beer, you used to tilt the glass and pour and drink it with as little foam as possible.
This was actually the cause of the most bitter and spicy taste.

≪How to pour a good beer ≫.

First, when pouring beer into a glass, pour it into the glass from slightly above the mouth of the beer bottle in a vigorous gulp in order to create a good amount of foam.
This will result in a beer with about 80% foam.

(2) Take a breath here and wait for a while. When the bubbles have settled down and are about half full, pour the second pour.
Pour it gently from the top so that it does not spill. This is where you let the beer’s carbon dioxide escape.
This will allow the carbon dioxide gas, which is the cause of the spiciness of the beer, to escape.

(3) Pour the third pour as the bubbles are still forming.
The third pour is done when the bubbles are still concave.

This creates a lid for the bubbles and reduces contact with the air, preventing oxidation.
The glass is then drunk in three parts.
Do not refill the glass. Therefore, it is best to use a small glass that can be drunk in three gulps.
The first time you drink it, a line of foam will remain on the glass.
Take the second gulp again, and a line of bubbles will be left on the glass where you left off.
Finally, finish the remaining beer. Phew!

Next, I will also introduce you to some of the delicious beers from Ginza “Lion” that you can drink in Tokyo.

Amber Yebisu
The use of carefully selected crystal malt gives this beer its bright amber color. It is the best beer available at Ginza Lion.
The beer is made at the Funabashi factory in Chiba in the morning and carried directly to the Ginza branch in kegs, and is then drunk on draft in cups.
It has the best freshness, the best umami, the best freshness, the best lightness, and the best spread.
It tastes so good that when you drink it, you can’t help but howl like a lion!
Even people who don’t like beer will come to know the taste of real, fresh beer and become beer lovers.
Evisu Stout Creamy Top
This is a Japanese-style stout beer made with an abundance of aroma hops and aged for a long period of time, a process unique to Ebisu. It is served poured twice to enjoy the creamy foam. There are several women who say this beer is their favorite.


Yebisu Premium Black
It has a mellow richness created by premium roasted malt. It can only be tasted in black beer,
It has a full-bodied, lingering taste that can only be experienced with black beer, a taste that lasts even if you drink it slowly.
It is an authentic taste for those who love black beer.
This is indeed Sapporo Beer, the origin of beer in Japan. This Yebisu beer won a gold medal at the Paris Expo.
We are impressed by the freshness of the beer directly from the factory.
white hotchpotch
A luxurious “unfiltered” beer. It has a gorgeous aroma and elegant flavor produced by active yeast,
The beer has a gorgeous aroma and elegant flavor produced by the active yeast, as well as a fine foam.
It is served poured twice to enjoy the creamy foam.
Other restaurants have started serving it recently, but Ginza Lion serves it
The beer is fresh and freshly brewed directly from the factory, so it tastes so good that it almost brings tears to your eyes.
It is a delicious and unique taste.
The five beers here are the Sapporo beers we had when we went to Sapporo. They were all great!

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