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Sushi Saito: Summer Sushi Variety

As usual, reservations are extremely difficult at Sushi Saito.

The seat next to Ryusuke Numao, the most disciple of the restaurant, was also full from noon!

There are no more seats that can really be reserved for the rest of the year…

In the midst of all this, we have held several private luncheon parties at Sushi Saito this year, and today I had the opportunity to attend one…

People think sushi is best in winter, but there are many types of sushi in summer, and I love summer sushi more.

This time, I was able to fully enjoy its summer sushi varieties.

First of all, “Shinko” (new child) was still…

Since they are juvenile kohada and konoshiro, newborns must be served in two pieces, or at most three pieces or more, to be tasty.

At Saito-san, the fish is held in two pieces.

And then we met the ‘new squid’…a baby smelt. The size is 4-5 cm, so consistently one fish.

The texture is good, it pops as it cuts, and when combined with the sushi rice, it is extremely rhythmic and chewy….

I was happy just to have met this sushi type today.

Although I was disappointed that there were no shellfish, the snacks were really tasty, and even though the expected Edomae nigiri was made under pressure, the sushi rice was so tender that it melted in your mouth….

The owner, Takashi Saito’s precise cutting, beautiful nigiri, carefree smile and pleasant conversation have made many of his regulars say, “Sushi is a must at Saito”.

And the mid-year gift we received this year was “Maruyama Nori” seaweed, which was picked in season for the first time and is delicious with hot rice!

I will visit again…

Thank you very much.

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