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Year-end and New Year’s greetings…

Every year, we extend our year-end and New Year’s greetings to one of our most important suppliers, a sushi restaurant that has been especially kind to us.

Sushi Saito” is a restaurant that is extremely difficult to make reservations for, and we had a private party at the end of last year…

Mr. Koji Saito, the smiling master of the restaurant, poses for a commemorative photo with everyone holding a bow-shaped paper lantern.

Maruyama Nori,” which we receive as a year-end gift every year, is a gem of a long-established restaurant in Tsukiji.

The laver is highly trusted by more than 3,000 sushi restaurants and other experts in the field of flavor.

Among them, “Saga no Hashiri” is the best in terms of flavor, aroma, and texture.

It is a truly delicious seaweed that can be simply eaten on warm rice.

Roasting it over binchotan (charcoal) makes it crispy, which makes it even more delicious…

You can buy it by mail order, so please give it a try.

And at the beginning of the year, we usually receive teacups from “Sukiyabashi Jiro”. This is another store where reservations are extremely difficult…

Pottery made by Mr. Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi. His father’s (Jiro’s) hometown, Tenryu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is the home of Enshu Tenryu Pottery and Go Kiln.

Once again, the 97 year old Jiro-san held the food directly for an important VIP customer from Hong Kong.

After the meal, we took a commemorative photo in front of the restaurant!

His apprentice, Yudai, snapped this photo!

Everyone was already very satisfied!

I hope he lives long and continues to make sushi!

He is a treasure of Japan.

Thank you for everything!

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