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It’s the season for chestnuts to be delicious!

My favorite season of chestnuts has arrived! The season of chestnuts is right now around September,
They reach their peak and remain on the market until around November.

They are popularly known as the “seasonal delicacy” only available in autumn.

In autumn, there are many delicious fruits such as grapes, persimmons, pears, persimmons, apples, kiwis, La France, and other fruits that are only available in this season.
and a parade of delicious fruits unique to this time of the year.

Today, my relative’s aunt in Wakayama sent very large chestnuts to my home.
I opened it and immediately saw the beautifully shiny chestnuts.

As soon as I opened the package, I was surprised to see large chestnuts with a beautiful glossy appearance! The chestnuts were so big and shiny that they were about to fall out of the package.
They were so big and shiny that they were spilling out of the chestnuts.

I have loved a cake called “Mont Blanc” since I was a child, until my early elementary school years.
I always remembered chestnuts as “Mont Blanc” by mistake.

As you know, the name comes from the fact that it was made to resemble the Mont Blanc mountain in the Alps (the highest peak in France and Italy).
The cake is called this because it is made to resemble the mountain of Mont Blanc (the highest peak in France and Italy) in the Alps, right?

But to me, it didn’t look like a “white mountain,” which is what the mountain range means, and I thought it looked like a yellow marron on top.
It looks more like “a small soft serve ice cream with yellow buttons” with yellow marrons on top.
It looks like “a small soft serve ice cream with a yellow button” with a yellow marron on top.

≪Mont Blanc” should be “Mont Blanc” because it reminds me of “a beautiful mountain covered with white snow,” but recently, “Mont Blanc” has a yellow chestnut on top.
But nowadays, there are many “mont-brown” pastries with “brown” chestnuts and brown cream instead of “yellow” chestnuts.
However, many “mont-brown” pastries are now available in the market.

Mont Blanc” at Mont Blanc in Jiyugaoka
Mont Blanc with brown marrons on top
Tall Mont Blanc with no marron at the top

In Japan, Montblancs of various shapes and colors are increasingly available.

Mont Blanc, the shape of Mont Blanc in Italy is slightly different from that of Mont Blanc in France.
Mont Blanc in Italy and Mont Blanc in France are slightly different.

Mont Blanc seen from the Italian side, which looks slightly pointed on the left / Mont Blanc on the French side, where the ridges on the right are gently connected

The key question is, “What kind of chestnuts are good and tasty?” I will tell you how to identify those “chestnuts.

  • The devil’s skin (outer hard skin) is taut and shiny.
  • The onion skin should be dark brown, not flaky, and have a smooth surface.
  • It is not buzzy when pressed with fingers. It is OK if it has a weighty feeling as if it is tightly packed.
  • No white fuzz on it.
  • There is no dark spot on the seat (bottom part).
  • The seat is not sticky.
Delicious “Japanese chestnuts” that meet the above conditions.

And there are many western confections named “marron~” such as “marron chocolat,” “marron cake,” “marron parfait,” “marron sandy,” and “marron glacé.

marron chocolate
chestnut parfait
marrons glaces

We held a “Chestnut Eating Comparison” event at “Restaurant SATSUKI” in cooperation with Hotel New Otani Tokyo.
The event was held at “Restaurant SATSUKI” with the cooperation of Hotel New Otani Tokyo.

Mr. Shinsuke Nakajima, a patissier, supervises and directs all the restaurants and banquet halls in the hotel.
He is also the “Executive Chef” who supervises and directs the cuisine of all the restaurants and banquet halls in the hotel.

It is rare for a patissier to be an executive chef, but when he collaborates with famous chefs from all over the world
In the case of collaborations with the world’s great chefs, Mr. Nakajima is always in charge of the desserts and confectionery section.

I hope everyone will have a chance to taste the “Super Series 00” cakes that he has developed and created with his utmost care in terms of ingredients and manufacturing methods.
I would like everyone to taste the “Super Series 00” cakes that he has developed and created with great care in terms of ingredients and manufacturing methods.

The price is a little expensive, but if you think about the volume and the ingredients used, you will be convinced.
I am sure you will be satisfied with the volume and the ingredients used.

Super Ripe Mango & Lychee Shortcake ¥4,104/piece
Super Mont Blanc ¥3,780/1 piece
Super Melon Shortcake ¥4,320/piece Limited quantity available
Shinsuke Nakajima, Executive Chef & Patissier

The “food event” is based on the theme of chestnuts,

  • You will taste the secrets of the deliciousness of Mont Blanc from each of the three countries: France, Italy, and Japan.
  • This is not just an eating party. First, we will compare Japanese chestnuts. We will compare Japanese chestnuts from various regions. Among them, we will compare several varieties carefully selected by patissier ).
  • Since the harvest time differs depending on the region, the Japanese chestnuts are vacuum-packed as they are, and only when all the chestnuts are ready are they cooked together.
Japanese chestnuts from various regions of Japan are steamed and served with a spoon for comparison. Depending on the region, the chestnuts were sticky, a little dry, or very elastic, and the differences in texture and taste were immediately apparent. It was a valuable experience!
  • After that, you will first taste the subtle “taste differences” of chestnuts, followed by the highlight of the tour, the “Tale of Three Chestnuts” with commentary by patissier Nakajima, a comparison of Mont Blanc. After that, the highlight of the tour will be the “Three Chestnut Tales,” a comparison of Mont Blanc from three different cities: Milan Mont Blanc from Italy, Paris Mont Blanc from France, and Oedo Mont Blanc from Japan.


Milano Mont Blanc made with the best Piedmontese chestnuts
Mont Blanc in the Tale of Three Cities (left; Italy/Milan Mont Blanc, center; France/Paris Mont Blanc, right; /Edo Tokyo Mont Blanc)
Left; Paris Mont Blanc with the richest taste of chestnuts with astringent skin on a madeleine dough base; Right; The dough is sponge cake with more Japanese chestnut elements to let you enjoy the delicious taste of hokuhoku chestnuts.

It is the season for chestnuts to become even more delicious.

We hope you will enjoy marrons in various desserts and sweets at least once.


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