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The Edomae Sushi at “Sushi Hamada” in Yokohama is too good!

Tonight we revisited Sushi Hamada, a typical Edomae Sushi restaurant, even though it is located in Yokohama, a port town with a flaky, exotic atmosphere.

It is now the best restaurant in Japan serving authentic Edomae nigirizushi.

The owner, Tsuyoshi Hamada, is full of ambition and is always asking himself “How can I make it taste better?”, “How can I use this ingredient?”, “How did the old masters make it?”, or constantly researching and studying foreign ingredients through Netflix dramas and non-fiction books.

His attitude of continuing to evolve himself is wonderful as the spirit of a sushi chef.

He and his wife run the restaurant together, and even though they do not say a word to each other while serving customers, they are able to understand each other, and their breathing is perfect, such as when to replace the tea and when to hand out hand towels.

Even when the sea is too cold to catch fish, the menu is prepared with a high level of quality…

The sushi rice in all of the sushi dishes is in wonderful harmony with the sushi rice and the sushi rice!

I hope you will try the typical Edomae nigiri at “Sushi Hamada” by Tsuyoshi Hamada, who does not need to be a social networking site or to give a trendy performance in the sushi bubble, but rather does his job honestly and serves his sushi with integrity.

I think it will soon become a restaurant that is difficult to make reservations.

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