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I was extremely impressed by the sensitivity of Mr. Toru Okuda’s Japanese cuisine at Ginza Koju!

Even though cherry blossoms can no longer be seen in Tokyo, the dishes starting with the “Cherry Blossom Viewing” theme, as well as the chopstick rests, plates, room setup, and axis, all make you feel “spring” with their dishes.

The chef, Mr. Toru Okuda, explained, ‘I wonder if this is the way of Japanese cuisine, to have spring buds at the start of spring…’.

Also, among Japanese dishes, sushi, tempura, etc., are easy to understand the deliciousness immediately after eating each one….

On the other hand, Japanese kaiseki cuisine is difficult to understand immediately after eating, but it expresses a comprehensive culture and art through cooking.

So, the creator side is not a bother or a hard task, but rather, every day is a learning experience, and the more you know about cooking, the more profound it becomes.

The more one learns about Japanese cuisine, the more one learns about Japan.

He explained in such gems of words.

And the Japanese cuisine…

The meal began with a glossy and colorful “Hachisun” dish. The chef’s sense and sensibility are expressed in this hachisun.

And it has long been said that Japanese cuisine is “Bowl Sashimi ga Hana (flower arrangement in a bowl).

The most important “bowl” and “sashimi” in Japanese cuisine.

The splendor of this Koju and Okuda-san was wow and amazing when I saw the arrangement of “Sashimi”.

Tokushima’s bluefin squid.

Sailfish from Chiba.

Oita red clams

Tuna from Kozushima, Tokyo

What a surprise! The flavors are arranged in order from right to left, starting with the lightest flavor and crescendoing to the richest!

(From light flavor to darker and darker, it’s easy to taste the sashimi itself.)

You can feel the creator’s feeling in this innovative way of arranging the sashimi.

How to arrange the sashimi

It is considered normal to use tsumas to create a three-dimensional effect and make the plate more gorgeous. The fact that it is not the norm is truly wonderful!

You can tell by this kind of serving style that he says every day is a learning experience and deep.

I was able to enjoy the food not simply because it was delicious, but also with the feelings of the chef on the creator’s side.

Thank you!

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