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Rain and then clear at the shore of Lake Hakone

Saturday morning was rainy. I went to Hakone for the weekend and went out to the shore of Lake Ashinoko in the afternoon.

I stayed at “The Prince Hakone Ashinoko,” which has a lakeside restaurant called “Le Trianon” in order to relax at a resort in Hakone….

I would like to introduce two dishes that particularly impressed me at the lakeside restaurant.

[Warm hors d’oeuvres

Riveau (veal thymus) is an essential French ingredient.Veal is raised on milk alone. It is the part around the neck that disappears as the animal grows older…This is a classic French dish, blanquette-style (cream soup), which is very tasty and goes very well with it.The sauce is fond de veau with white wine and black mustard…The texture is an indescribable sensation.[Main meat.Fillet of Shizuoka Wagyu Beef, a brand name meat from Shizuoka.

The sauce on top of this is a madara sake-based sauce with truffles added. It is sweet and alcoholic, but very tender and sweet!

I was surprised at how delicious Shizuoka Wagyu is.

The next morning was a complete change from the deep fog in the morning! By the afternoon, the weather was clear and beautiful…

We made an elevated visit to Hakone Shrine to pray for the prosperity of our business.

In addition, the Hakone Shinto Shrine overlooks Lake Ashi, where the founder of Hakone Gongen, Manmaki Shonin, is known to have subdued a nine-headed dragon.

We also went to visit the Kutouryuu Great Goddess of Mercy, now considered a power spot in Japan.

We strolled along the lakeside promenade for about 20 to 30 minutes…the air was full of ozone and the air was delicious!

Looking around, I see more and more tourists from overseas, and it is finally starting to look like the pre-Corona disaster.

It’s really back to bustling for the first time in 3 years!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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