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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom now in Arashiyama in spring

It was not so crowded as I had expected at the Wataratsuki Bridge over the Katsura River (Oigawa River), which flows in a towering torrent with Arashiyama in the background.

I came here to greet the Arashiyama Kitcho head store so I could fully enjoy the scenery of this Arashiyama neighborhood.

And there is a spot that most people don’t know about.

Senkoji Temple and Daihikaku Pavilion” on top of Arashiyama…

The “Takasegawa River”, a canal that runs through the center of the city, was opened during the Edo period by Ryouichi Kadokura.

The temple associated with it is located here.

The view from here is too wonderful for words!

Hieizan (Mt. Hiei) and the Higashiyama mountain range in the distance, the Katsura River in the foreground, and the Sagano sightseeing line with its trolley train…

I don’t think many people, even local Kyoto people, come this far.

In fact, Westerners are more likely to come to this Zen temple in search of a state of “nothingness.

After listening to the priest Obayashi’s talk and taking in the view, I headed back down the mountain to the Watarigatsu Bridge area.

People gather, people bustle, laughter can be heard…

Dating with lovers, talking with friends, relaxing with parents and children, at ease with family…

I am glad to hear the peaceful breath of those who are finally free from the corona here and there…

I hope such a peaceful world will last forever and ever.

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