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We are at “Gion Ima” in Kyoto.

This restaurant is a healthy preservation of Kyoto’s unique custom of not accepting first-time visitors.

These days, restaurants favored by foodies with an assortment of high-end ingredients have become more and more popular.

However, this restaurant is a well-known restaurant among those in the know, where the managers of long-established local businesses and geisha from Gion, who have been patrons since the previous generation, still frequent the restaurant.

The restaurant does not try to be pedantic, but instead uses the best ingredients of the day and serves them in their best condition, so each dish is truly delicious.

While many restaurants nowadays only serve course meals, the owner, Yosuke Kon, is always there for his regular customers, even those who are new to the restaurant and have been introduced to the restaurant.

From a la carte to course meals, he adds color to ingredients of the day that are not on the menu, and his inexhaustible knife work is so fast that you will fall in love with it!

Please come to Gion, Kyoto and try our food.

Please come and try it in Gion, Kyoto.

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