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Kano crab from Hashidate Port in Kanazawa has the best sweetness and flavor!

I had been counting down the days until the November 6 lifting of the ban on crab, one of the most luxurious winter delicacies, in order to enjoy it in a sumptuous way.

This year, I visited Hashidate Port for the first time in several years to try “Hashidate Port brand crab,” which is caught in a port about an hour’s drive from Kanazawa in Hokuriku.

The blue tag marks the brand crab from Hashidate Port.
The proprietress of Yamamoto-ya shows off her brand of crab, Kano-gani!

Kano-gani,” which has become a brand name crab from Hashidate Port, is caught in waters several dozen kilometers from the Sea of Japan.

Therefore, even if a ship leaves at night, it can return the next day during the daytime, so the auction starts in the evening instead of early in the morning.

The freshly caught crabs were served at Yamamoto-ya, a guest house right next to Hashidate Port.

The waters near Hashidate are sandy, not muddy, so mud does not accumulate in the shells, and the cold and warm currents in these waters collide, attracting plankton rich in nutrients and producing very high quality Kanou crabs.

Therefore, the Kanou crab from Hashidate Port is said by local fishermen to be the best snow crab in Japan.

In particular, the female snow crab “Kabako crab” is extremely valuable. When the shell is opened, the red, ruby-like inner eggs (ovaries) have an irresistible texture and taste.

The rich crab miso is also agonizingly delicious!

I also had a chance to taste “crab sashimi,” which is only available when the crab is fresh!

When the crab was taken out of its shell and dipped in ice water, the fibers broke off and fell apart, and I had the luxury of tasting “Hanasaki crab like a white flower blooming” in my mouth.

As soon as you put it in your mouth, it feels like it is melting at high speed! And the sweet and delicious taste remains in your mouth.


Crab sashimi, yellowtail, sweet shrimp, and yari squid
Boiled crabs disassembled and neatly arranged

And “boiled crab” is just the simplest and most delicious way to eat it…

After that, the “grilled crab” filled the room with a savory smell, and it was an indescribable moment of ecstasy.

The crab meat was grilled so that the flavor of the crab meat would not escape from the crab, and we enjoyed it in the wild.

The juices overflowing from the crab meat and the sake were a perfect duet. (Unfortunately, I had to give up sake because I was driving.)

I was very happy to be able to enjoy the rich flavor of the miso paste and the resilient crab meat to the fullest!

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Pottery-board sake-steamed roasted crab
The crab porridge to finish off the meal is also great!

It was a very happy day again this year with a delicious “snow crab from Hashidate Port”.

Thank you!

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