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Jiro Ono-san is still going strong today, making Edomae Sushi!

With yesterday’s heavy rain and an approaching typhoon, the atmospheric pressure is changing rapidly…

Especially on a day when the thunderstorms are so intense, Jiro, who has a pacemaker implanted in his heart, is a natural enemy.

Yesterday, he himself would have been getting ready at home with the intention of working as usual…

However, yesterday’s heavy thunder, torrential rain, and strong winds had instantly dampened his spirits…

Today’s sky is hot and clear.

He is standing in front of the tsukebana (dipping table) again today with his usual energetic and light rhythm, and is holding the tsukebana without hesitation.

He will be 98 years old this fall, and has overcome many stormy waves during the Taisho, Showa, Heisei, and 2025 eras to continue to do the work he loves today.

He is truly a national treasure, a Japanese treasure, a world treasure, and a mirror of sushi chefs.

He is called the “God of Sushi” in foreign countries.

I always pray to the 8 million gods and the merciful Buddha, “Please, God, Buddha, and the little Buddha, I love you all.

Please God and Buddha, protect Mr. Jiro Ono so that he may live a long and healthy life and continue to work in good health! I pray every day.

He always stands in front of the entrance of the restaurant, bowing his head and seeing off customers as people from all over the world nod their heads and leave with smiles on their faces.

His figure is divine and dazzling, and a brilliant light appears to shine brilliantly behind his body.

I feel blessed to always be able to see such a great man holding his hand, right up close…

Thank you very much!

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