2. Gourmet Tour Example

Gourmet Tour Example

With the abundance of delicious food around the world, if you are willing to pay for it, you can go to fine restaurants and eat fine foods.

It is no exaggeration to say that Japan, in particular, is a land of exceptional gastronomy, blessed with a natural environment that changes with the seasons, abundant food from the sea and mountains, and a great sense of aesthetics among its chefs, where anyone can enjoy delicious food anywhere. It is such a gourmet country and city.

Tokyo, in particular, is the world’s number one city in terms of the number of Michelin stars, superior but not inferior to France, Italy, and China, the world’s three major cuisines.

Against this background, I will introduce and guide you to “favorite stores” and “favorite restaurants” in particular. By “patronizing,” I mean that I go to the restaurant, communicate with the owner, observe every detail of his/her work, eat the food, and if I think it is the one, I will introduce it to you. In this way, I will introduce such restaurants especially, as I will be able to understand the cuisine as a whole by repeating the tastes of my favorites.

Please note that this is not based on whether a restaurant has ○○ stars in the Michelin Guide or ○○ in the Tabelog, but rather is a personal recommendation based on my own bias.

However, there are many restaurants that are difficult to make reservations for, such as “Sukiyabashi Jiro”, a sushi restaurant with a membership system, “Sushi Saito”, the world’s No. 1 Japanese restaurant “Den”, Chinese restaurant “Sazenka” French restaurants “L’Osier”, “Esquisse”, “Chez Inno”, “Cote Dor” and “SUGALABO” eel restaurants “Nodaiwa,” “Chikuyoutei” and “Obana” tempura restaurants “Mikawa Zezankyo”, “Kondo”, “Tenshige”, “Kusunoki”, and so on… There is no end to the list. There are so many restaurants in Tokyo alone that if you go to Kyoto, Kanazawa, Hokkaido, Kyushu, etc., you will find no end to the number of restaurants.