2. Embassy Tour Example

Embassy Tour Example

Embassy & Ambassador’s Residence

Embassies and ambassador’s residences are the face of a country. They are places of social gatherings where important guests are invited and entertained on a daily basis. By experiencing the culture, history, current situation, food culture, and art of a country up close and personal at the embassy or ambassador’s residence, which are usually closed to the public, visitors can deepen their understanding and appreciation of the country.

In particular, we are able to arrange special programs that ambassadors’ wives invite you to their embassies and private residences to experience the hospitality of their country’s ambassadors and ambassadresses. The hospitality of the ambassadors and their wives is truly appreciated.

One of the most exciting aspects is the cuisine of the country where you will be hosted. Some dishes are prepared by the embassy chef, others by the ambassador’s madam, and still others by the most popular chef from the country’s best restaurant.

The collections that adorn the luxurious reception room and the specially decorated dining tables are truly a fitting setting for a formal dinner party while admiring the exotic culture.

And besides, as an opportunity to experience a piece of the country’s art, music and dance performances are offered to only a few guests. It is like being in a castle or a palace, where you are treated to have a concert or a dance performance by a resident artist… You will feel like a member of royalty and aristocracy.

≪Implementation Example≫

Italian Ambassador’s Residence, Kuwait Ambassador’s Residence, Algerian Ambassador’s Residence, Argentine Ambassador’s Residence, Sultan of Oman Embassy, Greek Ambassador’s Residence, Spanish Ambassador’s Residence, Portuguese Ambassador’s Residence, Thai Ambassador’s Residence, Belgian Embassy, Danish Ambassador’s Residence, and many more (70 to 80 countries)