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What is it about “the most exquisite ocean palace” that attracts people from all over the world?

Today, in the middle of GW, the Seven Seas Explorer, the pinnacle of the cruise industry, was to berth at the New Port of Yokohama (aka; Hammerhead), and I was invited by a fellow business manager friend to take the opportunity to visit the ship at the right time.

There are many attractions of a luxury cruise ship, but the phrase “cruise line with the most luxurious ship in the world” is not exaggerated at all on this “Seven Seas Explorer,” and you can experience a “moving resort hotel” firsthand.

The first thing we were shown was the spacious “Regent Suite,” of which there is only one, with a stateroom of 281.1 square meters (85 tsubo) and a balcony of 131.6 square meters (40 tsubo), for a whopping 412.7 square meters (125 tsubo).

Moreover, it is located on the top floor of the 14th floor, above the captain’s pilothouse.

We visited not only this room but also various types of rooms, all of which are suites with balconies.

So I think that even a normal general suite of 40 square meters with many rooms is more than enough decor and comfort.

After all…

(1) All-inclusive. No other money is required, even if you eat at a good restaurant or drink a glass of fine wine, you don’t need to tip at all, and what a surprise! Escorts to sightseeing excursions at ports of call are also included.

(2) You don’t need to wear formal clothes, so it’s easy to relax (shorts and T-shirts, sandals are not required, but casual clothes are fine).

(3) All rooms have balconies and are comfortable,

(4) The entertainment shows are said to be well organized, and just by looking at the theater facilities, you can tell how authentic they are.

(5) There are also movies, a swimming pool, and a library,

(6) The meticulous service is sure to meet your expectations.

Luxury cruises are expensive!

But if you spend 80,000~100,000 yen per night on average, you can easily spend that much if you eat at good restaurants, drink fine wines, see shows, and do sightseeing.

So, considering the full range of services available, a “luxury cruise” is not expensive considering the contents, so cruise fans around the world must be placing repeat orders over and over again.

I can’t wait to enjoy this kind of life to the fullest!

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